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Facilities Project Manager was asked...November 16, 2015

"Why do you like facilities?"

2 Answers

"I enjoy the work...... And I'm really, really. good at it."

What was your prior experience when applying to this position? Thanks

Whittier Street Health Center

What salary did I require. How soon can I start?

1 Answers

I told them I would like to match my current salary.


What was my experience with working with General Contractors?

1 Answers

About 5 years, and that it takes some finesse in dealing with them. We are trying to get the job done in a timely manner, and that sometimes it's hard to work through them. Less


What is your interest in this position?

1 Answers

I've just finished 15 months scaling a hyper-growth start-up from 420 to almost 1,000 people, built-out office space accommodating 650 headcount in 6 global locations, and r-eengineered the entire R&D infrastructure resulting in 63% improvement in build-times. I'd like to use that experience to help Fandom scale. Less


The conversations weren't terribly structured which I kind of enjoyed. A good amount of focus was on covid and my thoughts on returning to work.

1 Answers

I expressed that I feel that things will normalize in the next year or so. That said, I noted that the pandemic has definitely changed thoughts on WFH culture as well as how dense companies will lay out their office space. Less


After reviewing my resume they ask how soon could i start.

1 Answers

I gave two weeks at my prior employer, and went to work for Therakos.



1 Answers

Must know construction


How much money the job pays

1 Answers

open for decussion

Universal Technical Institute

Why do you want to work for us.

1 Answers

Looking for change of field

Riverside Healthcare

They drilled the experiences listed on my resume to determine if I had the focus they were looking for, which I believe was fine tuning quality improvement...to be the best of the best.

1 Answers

I answered honestly and they determined that was that I was a "Change Agent", used by my companies to turn things around in struggling facilities, make major changes and improvements, implement new ideas and systems in especially complex and large sized facilities, both union and non-union, in cities and country. That was not their focus. They are not struggling by any means. They are in the top echelon of financially stable facilities. Less

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