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How many brothers and sisters do you have? What is your birth order? What was the biggest challenge you faced as a child? Any serious childhood issues you wish to share with the hiring panel?

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I'm not comfortable answering these personal questions. Not sure how knowing my birth order would help you decide how I might be a good fit with the organization. How do you think knowing about my childhood would help me perform in the role of Executive Director?

Q: Describe one time when you had to manage up in a difficult situation with positive results.

Questions associated with the future job, requiring knowledge of it. Question asking how I will be successful in the future job, without clarity what success means to the interviewers.

What is your vision for the Canadian Art Foundation? How do you see the role of the media assets within the foundation and where are the biggest opportunities for foundation fund-raising.

Questions were very specific, about the industry and the Retirement Home Act. They also asked how would I be able to maintain my budget or decrease expenses quickly.

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Lots of questions based on issues in the facility that they were trying to replace the ousted ED. Labor problems, occupancy defeciencies, physical plant defeciencies. As if the new ED should be able to magically cure these systemic problems.

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Q: Could you actually live on this salary? A: I don't know. What is the salary? Q: We ask the questions.

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