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ESL Teacher was asked...December 17, 2018

How would you rate your English level?

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How long have you taught?

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I had the same thing happen to me. I didn't do a lot of writing in the text box and I thought it went great. I bought headsets but glad I didn't spend a lot of money on props because I wasn't sure. I agree that they should not offer you a contract until after you pass all of the mock trainings. I have 25 years experience teaching and consulting teachers. I am also trained in a systemic phonics program. Great process but I have 3 months to decide if I want to do it again. Less

To anyone considering VIP KID and reading this, I am having the same experience: great interview/demo/scores/top $; great Mock 2; IMO poor Mock 2 interviewer; fail. Reapplied: Interviewer who gave me the sense she was going to fail me before I even said hello. Failed (remember, first round I was "the greatest"). Glutton for punishment, trying again, hmmmm, last try. Here to say: getting hired is a crap shoot. The evaluators are unreliable. Policy is, you can reapply in 3 months with the same email address. But if you want to try again, just use another email address. They will not notice. If I get hired, doing the tutoring should, I hope, go smoothly. If it doesn't, I'll leave. Less

Yes, the same. I have years of experience and the interview went fairly well and it should not be expected to be perfect on the first try of an online class. I reconsidered due to the low pay, but was denied anyway. Less

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Whats ages have you taught

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Previous experience. Certificates. Salary expectations.

I have taught ages 12 to 42 in both high school and undergrad school.

All ages but mostly adults.

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Engoo Tutors

Define wall.

4 Answers

A wall is a thing that we can lean on and in times of sadness and happiness we can paste photos on it. Wall is a strong foundation of everyone's house, in the same manner we can be a wall for our family's strength. Less

It is a barrier or an obstacle

A wall is a part of every kind of building. It's composed of bricks which are lined up vertically and they are used for separating rooms inside of the building. Less

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Magic Ears

She really did not ask me questions.

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The person who interviewed me was white and the entire time she appeared like she did not want to hire me. She was kinda rude but she was not from USA. Again, perhaps she does not like black people and believes we belong in the gutter. Her name was Jessica a blonde hair with blue eyes...the idea face to the company. I think Hitler would be proud of this company that promotes this. This complaint was noted to the NAACP, which they can expose this company for what it does. I am sure this company will get the bad exposure it needs. Less

Wow! Really Now. I think that is discrimination and because they are seeking to hire Americans, this can and should be reported to the BBB. More Black people should come forth and start speaking up about this type of thing that happens so often in ONLINE TEACHING Less

I have several referrals who I was CERTAIN would make it. I was wrong. By the way, they were white and did not get hired and had the same experience as you. ALL Chinese companies I've interviewed for are the same when you aren't a good fit. They don't proceed with a relationship with you--white or black--if they know you don't cut it. They don't spend their time (and neither would I, if I had thousands of applicants and limited time) explaining to each applicant why they got rejected and how they can improve. Less

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Work experience

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2 yeas experince at home tution


Online ESL teacher

ESL Teacher was asked...January 17, 2018

What are your qualifications?

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Linguistics Degree, TESOL Certificate.

I currently teach college medical terminology

I have a BSN and MSHA

Princess Nora University

Do you have any ailment that might influence your effectiveness as a teacher?

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-Tell me about yourself - how do you handle students with one English word only?

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ESL Teacher was asked...September 17, 2020

Why you like teaching? What time you prefer to work ?

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Teaching is my passion and life

Teaching is in my blood due to my father (he was a teacher for many years) as well as my sister, I like students to know what I have learnt in my life about the English Language. Less

I would like to have a full time job , iIn the morning , midnoon , afternoon, and at night, I really don´t mind the work hours. Less

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