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Epidemiologist was asked...February 13, 2014

How do you deal with multiple requests from multiple people who all think their request is the most important?

2 Answers

I said I make a list of all the things that I need to do, prioritize and re-prioritize and work steadily until it's all done. I also said that I choose to be open and honest with all stakeholders and let everyone know, in a nice way, that there are multiple demands for my time and that I will do the very best I can to help them achieve their objectives. Less

great answer - simple description and thought process that people want to hear! :) Less

Rhode Island Department of Health

Questions revolving around past conflicts, understanding of responsibilities, what individual brought to the table.

1 Answers

Gave insight into my past experiences working in the field.


Mainly based on questions on University study choices, e.g. degree and PhD.

1 Answers

It was surprising since I am a senior

Washington Department of Health

Outline the steps you would take to develop an evaluation agenda

1 Answers

1. engage stakeholders 2. Describe and outline the program, including goals, objectives, and mission 3. Focus the evaluation - developing questions from valid sources for the population and allocating and come up with a budget 4. Use appropriate and valid methods and measures from past experience as well as research 5. Plan for conclusions and dissemination Less

Washington Department of Health

List statistical software used and your level of proficiency

1 Answers

This is a questions that can only be answered by personal experience

Georgia Department of Public Health

I was asked about my knowledge of the disease's epidemiology in Georgia and the populations most affected

1 Answers

I reviewed the data provided on Georgia DPH website and repeated verbatum what I had read. Less


Work experience and history on the job

1 Answers

I talked them of all my experiences.

Kansas Department of Health and Environment

How can you describe the odds ratio to a layman​?

1 Answers

I explained​ it by giving an example.

Texas Department of State Health Services

What types of statistical tests would you use in a cohort vs a case-control study?

1 Answers

How did you respond to this question?

Decision Resources Group

The client is unhappy with the meta-analysis you preformed because the counts are smaller than expected. You were asked to re-run the meta-analysis and using data from an unreliable source. How would you handle this situation.

1 Answers

I would explain what is a meta-analysis in layman's terms and then further explain my methodology and QC check points. If the client still insists that I use data from an unreliable source, I will explain the new bias that would be created. Honestly, this is a silly question. The interviewer just wants you to say that you will do whatever the client wants. Decision Resource Groups relies soley on business from various clients and so this is a client-driven role. Everything you do is centered around pleasing the client even if it means breaking fundamental Epidemiology principles in the process. Less

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