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Entry Level Web Developer was asked...September 24, 2012

Would you be comfortable taking a couple quizes?

3 Answers

I said Yes but I should have said see ya later!

Can you share me the interview questions?


What are your strengths and weakness.

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Comment : I am still struggling to get a decent answer across the table.

Acistek Corporation

5. Testing the integration between SQL, JSP/ColdFusion and Javascript Using any of the sql statement in Q2,Q3, please prompt a Javascript alert where the ID is an even number in the HTML HEAD section and display records where ID is odd number in JSP/ColdFusion in the HTML BODY section.

1 Answers

Q6. Testing your logic skills 1. Create a Oracle script for Account_History table with the following fields: - Account_History_ID, Account_Info_ID, Account_History_Name, Date_Saved 2. Write a JSP/ColdFusion script to query from Account Info table and display all records in VIEW mode with hyperlink to edit each record 3. Write a JSP/ColdFusion script to EDIT the record in HTML FORMS 4. Write a JSP/ColdFusion script to update the record into Account Info table 5. Write a JSP/ColdFusion script to insert the previous record content before updating (refer to 4) into Account History table 6. Display all records related to the editing record from the Account History table when EDITING the record at the bottom of the screen 7. Please see image for end result of this logic test. 8. Use attached file and integrate your code into the attached file and paste all code here. Less

WebMD Health

As you what this SQL statement does: Select * From p.users Inner Join a.addresses Order By p.lastname

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Recognize that there are plenty of errors in this SQL statement. You must be extremely familiar with all SQL syntax. Primarily focus on Inner, Outer, Left and Right Join statements. Less

What do you like the most about photography

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If you have hobbies on your resume be ready to talk about it and have full information on it. Less

Itlize Global

still waiting to for the date of the interview will update

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will update my answer

RDL Technologies

- Replicate a data tables functionality .. sort by column, pagination, search bar, etc.

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- jQuery

Reynolds and Reynolds

One section of the exam is about shapes.

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Be prepared its very challenging

Aston Technologies Inc.

There were no difficult questions

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Do not believe their expectations were high.

Computer Staff

"I'm not gonna answer any questions until I know who you are. Is it fair that you know things about me and I don't know anything about you?"

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"I can introduce myself for the sake of discussion if you'd like but I would really just like to hear more about the company and the job before I apply because these important details are missing from the job posting." Less

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