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Entry Level IOS Developer was asked...August 5, 2022

1. What is the different between overload and override in Java 2. What is abstract used for

What was a time where you had an issue with a team member and how did you handle it?

Aston Technologies Inc.

Tell me about yourself? What’s your experience with web development? How comfortable are you with public speaking?


Presentation was about a time I worked on a team to achieve a common goal.


The non tech was all card based questions that had to do with society, how tech affects the world and working on a team.

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They want to see if you’re a genuine human being who can work on a team.

Tata Consultancy Services (North America)

Tell me about yourself. Explain Polymorphism and give an example. Explain Abstraction and give an example. Explain Encapsulation and give an example. Explain method overloading and overriding. Explain the difference between single and multiple inheritance. Explain the difference between C++ and C. What did you learn about C programming? How does Java garbage collection work? Do you know how to handle Exceptions in Java? How does multithreading work in Java? Any other programming languages you know? Do you prefer Front-end or back-end? Have you worked on web development stacks? What is MVC? What is the difference between DDL and DML? (SQL) What is a primary key and a foreign key? (SQL) What is inner join and outer join, give examples of each. What do you know about database normalization? Explain them (1NF, 2NF…) What is a linked list? What types of linked lists do you know, explain them. What is the difference between arrays and objects? Explain stacks and queues. What is web design/development… something like that Have you developed any webpages? How would you solve an issue where the customer needs help? How do you divide a project for the team? How did you hear about this company? Any preference for location, and are you okay with relocating? Desired salary. Any previous internships, if not why did you not have any internships? Any other places you applied or are waiting for offers? Why did you choose Computer Engineering as your major? Did you go to community college or from HS to University? Why choose your college, instead of other colleges? What did you get on your SAT/ACT scores?


Answer 5 questions via video recording in 17 minutes. Complete 30 multiple-choice technical questions in 23 minutes.


What is more important: how you say something or what you say?

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The two cannot easily be separated from one another. Medium and message are the same. Less


Questions on OOP, SQL, programming languages


Describe what Angular is and how you would use it.

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