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Resurrection Health Care
Director of EHS was asked...March 25, 2011

why would I want this job

1 Answers

I am a longstanding community member and would be able to promote RHC from within this NW side community. My experience is well above the necessary requirement for the job and I could bring the EHS departments of RHC into the future. Less

Resurrection Health Care

what was your most challenging situation as a manager?

1 Answers

I once had a support person who was unreliable and had been using her diversity as a shield against her policy infringements. She needed constant counseling in hopes that she would turn her self around. This did not happen;and ,eventually had to be disciplined and terminated. Less


Career event or project that made you most proud

1 Answers

Created a successful safety program and culture for multiple service lines in support of a US R&D environment including all soft services and hazardous and solid waste management. Less


What would you do in “x” situation?

1 Answers

Give examples of previous experience solutions


Why I am looking at the position.

1 Answers

With my resume I summarized

Director EHS was asked...December 30, 2020

Tell me about your experience with processes and procedures

1 Answers

I described my broad-based experience developing and implementing corporate procedures and guidance documents across multiple varied settings Less


Career frustrating event or project.

1 Answers

Closure of a hazardous waste incinerator that I managed from building, permitting and operations for 10 years. I organized and executed 2 successful CPTs and an EPA risk burn during that period. Less


Have I ever had to terminate a person

1 Answers

Yes, based on performance


How would you handle X/Y/Z situation? How will you partner with operations/mgmt? What is you leadership style?

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