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"If you could high five one person, living or not, who would it be?"

3 Answers


I would high five Albert Einstein to talk about the universe.

i want to high five to this company founder to build this company and giving me opportunity to start my career.

How would you handle a conflict between two children fighting over a toy?

1 Answer

Give us an example of an embarrassing story and the most exciting thing you've ever done.

1 Answer

What would your co-workers not miss about you

1 Answer

What's the goal your working on right now?

1 Answer

how did you contribute to diversity

1 Answer

How long have you been working in this field

1 Answer

What was a goal you had last year and that you accomplished?

1 Answer

Favourite way to sweat ?

1 Answer

Why do you want to be an educator?

1 Answer
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