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Do you feel lucky? That was the question, seriously.

1 Answer

Yes. Answer I should have given: I feel blessed.

What does customer service mean to you

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Started off with asking the applicants to speak two truths & one lie about themselves. After which questions about the applicants strengths and managerial style. Describing what you've built while waiting for the interview to begin. There was another exercise that was supposed to be carried out simultaneously while being interviewed and that was build another model while answering questions. While that maybe good for analyzing the multi tasking abilities of applicants, why would the employer not care about good business acumen, because after all it is a business and can be grown. Overall, I was personally disappointed but if that's the process that Lego uses for interviewing applicants, they're free to choose their practices.

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tell me about an experience when you had a disagreement with someone.

What are your strengths in the DOR's of Visual, Operations and Talent?

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Customer service and administration were the primary topics at the interview. The company relies heavily on its managers to complete and submit a significant amount of paperwork. My previous job had been focused on customer service, Sobeys would be a switch of priorities.

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What books do you like to read. I mean seriously what does that have to do with this job. Yes I can read

What would you do if some customer came at your closing time? Will you attend him or let him go because you are closing?

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