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"Where do you see [the newspaper] fitting in to the community?"

1 Answer

2. "So, tell me about yourself." (He leans back. You get the sense he has not actually read your cover letter or resume...)

1 Answer

Are you Fully Bilingual ?

3 Answers

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- Which softwares can you use for editing?

1 Answer

To submit my resume.

1 Answer

General grammar and syntax questions (find the error, which of these sentences is not grammatically correct) and more debatable questions (for example: re-write the title of this paper or this sentence without loss of content, with no specification given about the background information or a profile of the intended reader).

1 Answer

How does your experience translate into this position?

1 Answer

3. "How old are you?" and then "You look much younger." (This after answering Question 2. It confirms my suspicions he has no HR sensibilities)

1 Answer

Please describe your work experiences

1 Answer

They ask if you want to change the world and if you like to drink sangrias on rooftops

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