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Name three forecasting methodologies.

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I described an ARIMA model, without using the term ARIMA and was told that I got their question wrong because I didn't say ARIMA. When I asked what other methodologies they were expecting to hear they said ARIMA. Well, thats not three... very unprofessional and non-technical people asking technical questions. Frustrating to say the least.

Behavior Itw Questions Tell us a time you have a conflict with a colleague or a manager, how did you solve it?

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What factors contribute to post-secondary enrollment demand?

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You are tasked with giving a limited amount of money to three sectors - transit, education, justice. How do you split this money?

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It was design to assess my knowledge of the state of affairs on Ontario economy and how its impacting/can impact the ministry.

Field specific questions on macro-finance, risk management, and programming.

What interests you about regulatory economics and about this position?

Describe the Province’s economic planning process

Questions about team work, if someone doesn't want to collaborate with you, what do you do.

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