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E-Commerce Product Manager was asked...January 12, 2018

It was so long ago, I don't remember. Their 3rd party didn't get back to me for over a month.

2 Answers

Lol. No thanks.

Report them for online employment fraud. You can report to FTC, IC3, FBI, etc.

They asked me my rank in my High School class. Also did I feel that I was going to achieve my goals and dreams.

1 Answers

I said that I ranked Number two in class of 1560 students and yes I believed that I was going to achieve my goals Less

Minnie Rose

Do you have a resume?

1 Answers


Dolce & Gabbana

Perché il passaggio dalla mia ex azienda a Dolce & Gabbana.

1 Answers

Ho sempre voluto lavorare per una delle migliori aziende del lusso.

Design Imports

What is one experience you’ve had where you had a measurable impact on a company you’ve worked for?

1 Answers

Changing pricing for thousands of listings on eBay to reduce unprofitable listings Less

Add People

what would be the biggest challenge for you when joining add people?

1 Answers

The 9-5 routine; coming from uni and because of covid the work/life balance may be hard to get used to. Less


Describe your past workin experiences

1 Answers

I describe my past workin experiences


Once my session was scheduled, I was interviewed by current product manager from the company. I was asked the question “ What would be a service that you would suggest that Google creates for the world five years from now?“ I was a bit surprised by this question, because materials that I was given didn’t prepare me for it. The person who was interviewing me seem to be in a large room, so I heard lots of noise, like static.

1 Answers

Whenever I said something, they couldn’t hear me. Whenever they said something, I had to get them to repeat it over and over again. The other part was, it was a language barrier. English was not my interviewer’s first language. Some of the words that I shared in my interview, the interviewer asked for clarification, as if there could be another interpretation of the word. For instance, I spoke of delivering an item to a customer’s driveway. The interviewer asked me what was a driveway? It started to become very awkward at some point, so I didn’t have a good feeling about outcomes. Less

Bond No 9

Are you trustworthy? How much debt are you in?

1 Answers

Didn't all illegal questions to ask on a job interview

Bond No 9

"Are you in debt, or have you ever been indebted".

1 Answers

By law I don't think you can ask me this on an employment application?

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