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You can expect the interview for a dispatcher position to revolve around your communication and multitasking skills. Employers will want to make sure that you can learn how to retrieve appropriate information from callers and relay necessary information in a timely manner. Prepare to provide examples of instances when you prioritised a list of tasks you had to complete in a short amount of time or explained a difficult concept to a colleague.

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Top Dispatcher Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three dispatcher interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: How do you handle high-pressure environments?

How to answer: As a dispatcher, it is likely that you will be expected to quickly and calmly diffuse stressful situations and share vital information. It is important that you can remain calm and make thoughtful decisions under pressure. Share an anecdote about a time when you attended to an emergency at work.

Question No. 2: How do you feel about working nights and weekends?

How to answer: Dispatchers may work unconventional hours due to the nature of the role. It is likely that the interviewer will want to hear that you are flexible and can meet the organisation's needs. Consider discussing methods that you use to stay alert during late-night, early-morning or quiet shifts.

Question No. 3: If a caller was panicked and unintelligible, how would you go about taking their call?

How to answer: Communication skills are vital. It is especially important that you can communicate with people experiencing intense emotions. Show the interviewer that you know how to ask specific questions to get the basic information you need, such as the caller's location and situation.

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Southwest Airlines
Assistant Dispatcher was asked...September 7, 2011

If the weather has gone down at your destination and the flight was dispatched without an alternate, what would you do?

6 Answers

Find an alternate....call it in to flight crew.

1. Land at the nearest suitable airport. 2. Go back to the departure airport. 3. Circle the pattern until the wx clears Less

Confer with the PIC regarding whether we both feel comfortable continuing without an alternate, or whether we should/can add an alternate, or whether to divert. Less

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She asked me if I didn't mind working different shifts.

6 Answers

Project manager

Locomotive driver

Truck trailer driver

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Delta Air Lines

The first thing is a verbal comprehension and math comprehension test, read "math word test", my least favorite. Both are online with which I have a hard time. I must have not read the math questions correctly and/or was not clear on the answer they were looking for because I got released from the interview immediately.

5 Answers

see above

Me, too, a few years ago

I shall do and i ready for this test

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Penguin Air & Plumbing
Dispatcher was asked...October 25, 2017

Would i be willing to learn new skills.

4 Answers

I answered honestly that i always strive to learn new things especially skill sets. Less



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Provo City

How would you handle a phone call where someone is loudly using profane language and is hard to understand?

4 Answers

I would remain calm, but firm and ask the person to be more clear so that I could send the help that they needed as quickly as possible. Less

Patiently, calmly, clearly and with precise direction

Calmly, patiently, sense of urgency, precise distinct directions, keeping them calm and gathering pertinent information until police or ambulance rescue arrives; then direct them to a crises number if they need further assistance. Less

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Mesa Air

Willingness to relocate?

4 Answers

Sometimes it’s easier to start out regional and then go to main line.

My dream is to work for this airline


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RTE - Le Réseau de Transport d'Electricité

Êtes-vous mobile ?

3 Answers



Non je viens de postuler à une offre pour XXXX, je ne souhaite pas postuler pour d'autres villes, ce n'était pas précisé dans l'annonce. Less

Arrowhead Transit
Dispatcher was asked...February 21, 2016

Are you willing to get your CDL w passenger endorsement?

3 Answers

Yes, as I was aware this was necessary for the position.

I do have a CDL from driving for Brown Transportation.

I have a CDL from Brown Transportation

Chesapeake Energy

When can you start?

3 Answers


I can start as soon as possible

As soon as possible

Coyote Logistics
Dispatcher was asked...October 19, 2020

Why did you choose to work for this company

3 Answers

I use to be in logistics and Coyote seemed like a good for you and me.

I very positive fit for both of us.

Lookimg forward to a phone interview.

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