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stock standard, does not have any technical knowledge or can't decipher what is in the job profile vs question they ask

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Gave them specific answers and trying to explain the context of what they were asking. Then I was asked to tweak my CV and send it to them. I didn't know recruiters were just post boxes that pass the parcel to the next. Not to mention I was hounded by these recruiters constantly through out the process, I am a senior candidate who works for a global consulting firm, please note that I am not at your beck and call. I might want to find a new role but im not desperate to deal with this kind of incompetency or unprofessional crap.

I was asked what I could bring to the company that another cannot

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Why did you apply for this position?

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Are you familiar with international regulations as they relate to data residency?

Give me an example of your leadership style

Can you provide an example where you've had an difficult employee. How did you handle them and what would you do differently.

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