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United Nations
Assistant Director for Communications was asked...July 11, 2012

If I had a budget of 250000$, what would be the best action plan to be drafted to spend the money with regards to networking with the local media outlets?

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I need a job...

first, i will locate to the field that i do concern, tourism industry segmentation.focusing plan to create a master plan a mass project that involving media or people who work with.Media is the important part in taking big role of play in communicating issues to the subject. The budget will properly divide into various chamber that each part keep maintain its duty to support the idea. Less

membentuk organisasi pemberdayaan masyarakat bidang pendidikan

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Charles Schwab

"Is there anything that would come up in your background check, such as payments being made to the government with a balance that's over $10,000?"

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Since it’s a regulated company you have to have a stable financial past. No credit issues, bankruptcies, bounced checks... Less

They also do a credit check as part of the hiring process.

To be honest, this is a confusing question. What exactly were they trying to get out of you? Whether you had to be fined for something in the past? Less

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Alila Hotels & Resorts

What is your goal?

2 Answers

I have to become fnb manager

I want to become fnb manager

American Cancer Society

How would you deal with someone that thinks they OWN the AMC, meaning they have been here since the start and they DON'T want any changes?

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People who have this attitude in my experience is fear based.Change is always hard yet one thing you can demand on. IN order to remain relevant and stay focused we need to adapt to new technologies, people, regulations, etc to expand our reach. You have some really good ideas and I can appreciate your experience. That is the great thing about working with a team is that we all bring our stregnths and skills to make a stronger team. Less

I would simply say; "The more we get this out, the more people are aware and the more money you have for research for a cure in your daughters name. Less

American Cancer Society

How would you faze someone out that has been working with us for far to long?

1 Answers

I would gradually with hold certain duties, yet add more people to assist the people with their projects. Less

Ping Identity

Complete the assessment while we watch you.

2 Answers

Noped out of there!

Update to 1st question about Amy, Bob and Mike. The answer selection would typically be: 1) True, Amy and Mike are friends 2) False, Amy and Mike are not friends 3) Insufficient information 4) None of the above Less

Candeo Creative

If you could relate to any TV character, who would it be and why?

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Monica, from Friends.

Kaleidoscope Adventures

What are your long term career goals?


There really wasn't one. I had a great familiarity with one of the executives and he wanted me on board.

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Yes, I'll take the job.

American Forest Foundation

Asked for specific examples of advancing policy initiatives

1 Answers

Shared my experiences with congressional testimony and briefings

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