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Digital Asset Manager was asked...July 22, 2015

Do you have any experience with choosing management systems, were you involved in the selection process?

1 Answers

No, that has never been part of the work I've done. However, I do have contacts with organizations and subject matter experts as well as a deep research background that would benefit this requirement. Less

The RealReal

Have you ever worked in a high capacity enviornment

1 Answers

With a challenge I faced while working for another employer


What was the biggest mistake you made in the workplace and how did you fix it?

1 Answers

I made a technical error in judgment while compressing and encoding a video once. I was given an unrealistic and tight deadline. The client sent me a bigger file than what we normally offer and I forgot to compress it first. It took me 30 minutes more than it normally takes to process and upload the file the clients gave me and ultimately, it was uploaded late. We lost the client. However, I worked harder and did my best never to make the same mistake again afterward. I learned from it and have yet to make huge errors like that again. Less


What are your daily duties in your current position?

1 Answers

I had a short list of my current job duties prepared before the interview, which I think I had reduced from another interview to a two-minute speech. Less

United Technologies

Tell me a story.

1 Answers

The questions were not difficult for the kind of person who would do this work. They were refreshingly to the point, and wiith a focus on experience and strategy. It was a fair interview. No tricks. Less

Zenni Optical

How would you approach organizing our assets?

1 Answers

I said that I would take some time to familiarize myself with what their assets look like, what people are searching for when they want to find something in particular, and get feedback from the team on my thought process for organizing things going forward. I wouldn't want to set up a system that didn't make sense for the people who would be using it. She barely reacted to this and was silent for a very long time. Less


How am I at multitasking?

1 Answers

What are my career goals within the company?


What is your leadership or management style?

1 Answers

I talked about open and honest communication, transparency, trust in teammates/employees, and not micro managing. Less


what value would you bring to the team?


Tell me about yourself What are your values

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