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Difficult Interview Questions


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Difficult Interview Questions

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Tell me about a time where you had to make a difficult choice, but either way, the result would negatively effect someone.

13 Answers

Hello there! Thanks for sharing your experience. Hiw long did you wait before having the email to schedule the face-to-face interview?


Hi There, I waited about 3 days and the email was sent exactly a week before the face-to-face interview. I hope that helps! My best.

giving examples of situations at work related to customer service and team work

9 Answers

Explain what you did when you had a difficult customer?

9 Answers

Explain a difficult situation that you handled and made better.

8 Answers

Questions were mainly about previous customer service experiences, for ex, when you helped a difficult customer, when you went above and beyond your duty to help someone. When you felt stressed because you had to do too many things and how did you handle it. Why do you want to be a flight attendant?

6 Answers

How did you deal with a difficult coworker

5 Answers

all the usual questions - what are your strengths and weaknesses. what negative experience at a previous job did you right and how. etc.

4 Answers

What is a weakness of yours and how are you addressing this?

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How would you handle seeing a co-worker being rude to a passenger? Why work for Transat specifically?

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What questions do you expect to be asked?

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