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UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group)
Customer Success Specialist was asked...February 5, 2016

Typical Cape-Outcome questions that were tailored to ultimate.

2 Answers

What is the salary offered for this position at the Weston location?

if you answer honestly, and are confident in your abilities, then you will be fine! Less


Why DailyPay? Tell me about your background? Salary expectations. All pretty standard stuff.

2 Answers

Back in school I always took business classes, office classes, typeing/computer classes. when I graduated I ventured off doing something totally different. I have been wanting to get back into the business side of things. Help people out in a different way than assisting them to the bathroom. I feel that at this time in my life this would be a good move. I have quite a bit of knowledge in office/business setting. I am very outgoing, self driven and I am dependable. I am definitely a people person and very approachable and liked by most. I work hard... and I go above and beyond of what's expected and have references to back it up. salary expectations would have to be 15.00/hr. minimum in order for me to pay my bills and just live. I hope I can have the opportunity to be apart of your business and maybe make a difference in some way. Less

your welcome and ope to hear from someone soon. Have a great day!


Tell me about people management strategy.

2 Answers

have you searched on

I think might be helpful! I've seen similar questions asked on there, and watching folks answer questions on video/reading the comments provides great insight. Less


Describe yourself and steps to teach your client how to create an account with Indeed.

2 Answers

The first question I replied with a template usually common to this type of questions and the second copy and paste from indeed's website. Got the feedback from the recruiter informing that I was not selected to the second round because I had a few grammar mistakes in my assessment. I understand that English is not my native language, but how can I could have mistakes in my assessment if I copied and pasted information directly from your official website? Waste of time and talent! Less

Thank you very much for contacting me and understanding my frustration regarding the process at Indeed. To be honest with you this is the first time that I apply for this company, previously I was contacted four times in my LinkedIn. •The 1st time I was struggling trying to understand the recruiter's accent, having in my mind that she was not clear, Valentina her name, just left me talking and said that I was not good for the Portuguese position, fair enough as I was not able to understand her. •My second time Andrea the recruiter never replied my Spanish test. •3rd time a very lovely lady Selene passed me to the face to face interview and I got a feedback that I could not share customer service examples, which I am fine with this. This last time I decided to apply, passed the phone interview, got my assignment and if you are not working in your native I totally agree that you should have a test, got a reply not clear stating that I had grammar errors, not clear in which question. Note that I had a copy and paste from your website. I am no longer interested in your company and I know that you couldn't care less, but the frustration is the sensation of knowing that you were looking for a native speaker and made me spend time for nothing. Less


What is one thing Glassdoor could do better as a company?

2 Answers

I see opportunity in applicant and employer matching. Think Myers brings on steroids. Glassdoor to the soul. Eharmony of job search. Psycological testing for both Less

Continuation from above, my pinkie loves the enter button. (MIght add "edit' button to interview question answer area.) Volunteer psycological personality testing for both current and perspective employees. Enabling matching of employers and team members to get the best combination of talent in the same place. In todays mindset it is possible some employers are missing potential star employees because of unitentional bias thinking on behalf of the hiring manager. Consulting with IO psycologist to build a univeral evaluation system would be a starting point. Less


What excites you most about Glassdoor’s future?

2 Answers

I incorporated the company values and research I'd done, as well as tied in my personal experience through the interview. Less

My hard work for glassdoor. I want glassdoor is growing up with my ownessty and hard work. Less

Street Contxt

Are you willing to work 7 days a week in some weeks?

2 Answers


Wow this is just a TERRIBLE QUESTION. Gosh, don't drink the KoolAid, chug it!

Redox, Inc.

To create a developer account, generate test message and parse data from said test messages.

2 Answers

Seems more technical than your typical Customer Success Manager role?

Performed as asked and reviewed with CS team on following call.


What is your leadership style?

2 Answers

One approach doesn't fit all scenarios, so better you develop wide set of styles as per scenario needs. In other words, be a transformational (aka Agile) leader Less

Collaborative and friendly

BYJU’S Exam Prep

What are your current responsibilities with your present company?

2 Answers

First of all my duty about company i have to motivate many student who prepare for exam nd earn more than profit for company not for me because if company will growth gradually i will also growth my knowledge nd experience Less

First of all my duty about company i have to motivate many student who prepare for exam nd earn more than profit for company not for me because if company will growth gradually i will also growth my knowledge nd experience Less

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