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There is one light bulb in a dark room, 3 light switches in another room, none of them have windows. You can only enter each room once. How do you find out which switch turns on the light bulb.

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An ant is sitting on a corner of a cube. What's the shortest path to get to the exact opposite corner of the cube?

Took me a while - turn on switch 1 for like 2 minutes, this heats up the bulb. Turn it off and turn on switch 2 and go to other room. If light is off and cold, it's switch 3, off and warm, switch one. Nowadays it's possible the heat trick wouldn't work - i.e., an LED might cool off so quickly

For the ant, I'd guess walk to the middle of one of the opposite sides and then to the opposite corner. Both halves of the walk are identical, and it's between the shortest path (walk an edge) and the longest (walk corner-to-corner) for traversing a given face. The math should be easy enough to do to verify.

I think they asked me what I would say my strengths are versus my weaknesses.

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Are you willing to work 7 days a week in some weeks?

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Why do you think this is the right job for you?

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What was my background and why was I interested in the position

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What is something you would not like to see at the workplace? (Never been asked this question and I thought it was a great question to ask)

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Why do I want to work in Health and Safety field?

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How would you handle a difficult customer?

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How do you answer a customer who had an emergency request that asks you to deal with immediately but you don't have enough material to support?

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Along with reasonable customer service questions, they asked me if I had any experience working remotely.

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