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A customer calls for a car insurance quote. After giving him all the info. Our quote is less expensive for the same coverage. He thanks you for your service and the quote and says he will think about it and call back because he has been a loyal customer to the other company and he needs to think about it.What do you say to him?

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If he is calling for a quote after 20 years loyalty. Than something happened. I would ask the customer why he is looking to change companies. Assess the problem he had and explain why our company is better for him and the benefits he would get from changing over.

I have a quick question - following your final interview how long did it take until you received an offer? As well, did they contact you in this period regarding your background check? It would much appreciated if you can clarify these concerns. Much thanks

It took about a week to get my offer. My final interview was a Wednesday late afternoon and I received my offer the following Friday. I was contacted once by Sterling to clarify something on my background check. Hope this helps. The background check verified all the job on my resume, my education, credit check, criminal check as well as my references

Why sears?

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Do you have any questions for us?

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The interviewer did not ask me much at all, just talked about the company and it's "limitless opportunities"

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My work experience

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What would you do if you overheard a colleague giving customer wrong information?

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Describe a time when you had to stand firm on your position and say no

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How do you deal with a colleague that you may have an issue with?

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What would your former supervisor s say about you ?

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Do you require any accommodation for disability ?

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