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What you don't like about your previous job.

4 Answers

I loved everything about my previous job

I loved my previous job and found absolutely nothing wrong with it

I like the people there

Typical questions about the job and my work experience. They also asked whether I had any affiliations with past staff, Sea Shepherd, or animal rights groups, and how I felt about keeping whales in captivity.

3 Answers

The reason you left from your old job.

3 Answers

Shared information about their customer service.

2 Answers

If you call a patient and they report they are having difficulty with bathing what types of services would you initiate?

2 Answers

Would you be willing to work alone in the community?

2 Answers

What was a situation when you messed up and how did you fix it.

2 Answers

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

2 Answers

What was my experience in sales and in real estate.

1 Answer

Why are you interested in helping people?

1 Answer
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