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The 1st phone interview: Experiences that you had to deal with angry customers and experiences that you voluntarily helped someone who was very busy at work

2 Answers

Hi! Have you been to the interview? How was it, please?

hello, when did you apply for this position? I just applied 2 weeks ago. thanks

The usual fare: contextual questions about past experiences, open-ended questions about yourself or 'how would-you's'

1 Answer

Very broad questions on your background in customer service to let you explain and talk about your experience. No trick questions or the dreaded "strengths and weaknesses" question. The HR person interviewing me was very nice, was interested in my experience and a very good interviewer.

1 Answer

Basic questions like why choose Air Canada, role playing, what would you do if ...

1 Answer

Why do you want to work at AC?

tell me what did yoy do in your last job?

Why did you apply for this position ?

Why are you the best fit for this job?

Knowing city and country locations on world map.

Describe a time when you broke a company rule?

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