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Hinduja Global Solutions
CRO was asked...April 12, 2018

introduce about yourself

2 Answers

my name is asha.p my father name is papanna my mother name is padma my brothername is mahesh i have completed my bcom Less

Did you get a job ?

Menzies Aviation
CRO was asked...November 5, 2018

Where I have lived

1 Answers

Russia & Germany

Bajaj Capital
CRO was asked...September 1, 2018

Why are you willing to do this job ?

1 Answers

Because I always want to work with this organization and this is the best time to grow my skills and update my personality to working here. Less

CRO Manager was asked...September 6, 2019

What do I know about the company and product?

1 Answers

I have already been looking after Babbel for some time, since I moved to Berlin and really wanted to become a part of Babbel's team at some point in my career. So, I was well-prepared and answered as many facts about the way the product is working and advertised, and how the onboarding process is happening as I could. I also prepared some ideas for improvement (which is an important thing to think about). So, for me it was a chance to show that I know what I am talking about. Less

Queima Diária

Importância cultural, hobbies, experiencias, projetos desenvolvidos, olhar de futuro, expectativas e objetivos.

1 Answers

Com transparência e sinceridade!

Tommy Hilfiger
CRO was asked...March 16, 2015

family background all,, why want to work with us///

1 Answers

quite well

Hinduja Global Solutions
CRO was asked...June 26, 2012

Why did you left the previous job?

Bandhan Bank

Can you do sales

1 Answers

Yes i can do give some examples

Hinduja Global Solutions

Tell about yôu which is not mention in your resume

1 Answers

Talk boldly

Hinduja Global Solutions
CRO was asked...April 16, 2019

Speak about you're hometown

1 Answers

My hometown is this. Which known for something. Which is really green there. How I live there. Fill in your answers with those sentences Less

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