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Goldman Sachs
Credit Risk Analyst was asked...December 11, 2013

as an equity analyst and risk analyst how would their analysis differ in assessing a company

1 Answers

risk appetite risk analyst - mitigate risk equity analyst - high risk and high returns Less


Why Barclays capital?

1 Answers

Tricky because if you talk too much about investment banking at the start, you will tend to repeat yourself at this question. Be sure to spread your answers out. Less


Why US? Why this profile? What you know about us? Competitors? Impairment Calculation? Goodwill valuation? Many questions on Financial Statements

1 Answers

Answered Nicely

Liberty Lending

Basic Python questions

1 Answers

Hello, how long does it take for them to change your internship position to a full-time position. Less


"What are the relationship between the three major financial statements"

1 Answers

Starts with the income statement, which brings you to net income. Net income is used to start the statement of retained earnings. Once retained earnings is calculated it is posted to the balance sheet in the equity section of the statement. Net income is also used to start the cash flows statement, which eventually gives you the change in cash flows that is posted in the asset section of the balance sheet. Less

Credit Suisse

About Futures and options in details. Hedging strategies were asked, concentrated more on terms and definitions and their relation

1 Answers

Option Trading strategy, hedging etc

The World Bank

The main trends on the market during the last three years

1 Answers

Soft market, the bottom line not yet reached, higher demand on political risk coverage etc. Less

The World Bank

Your biggest failure and/or success

1 Answers

Failure: convince the supervisor in importance of internal development of econometric model Excess: development of the internal assessment system and models that became a basis for cooperation with internal and external partners Less

Wells Fargo

Why Wells?

1 Answers

How did you find out about the role?


why to choose KPMG

1 Answers

I like it

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