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Which one has greater counter party risk? A boutique IB firm in the U.S, or a large bank in Botswana?

2 Answers

I said it depends, and includes factors such as liquidity, counter party and sovereignty risk, she snapped: make your assumptions and move on.

This is an incorrect answer. The US economy is probably 100x more stable than the economy in Botswana. If you bought bonds in Botswana, the risk that you will lose your money is far greater than it is in the US. When it is a fact based question like this, saying "it depends" is seen as either wrong or you don't know. You have to give solid answer with hard facts.

How did you manage a difficult situation in your past jobs

1 Answer

Behavior based questions

1 Answer

Describe a moment you had with an angry customer and how did u deal with it.

1 Answer

Tell me about a time when I served a client in a very difficult situation, and resolved the problem?

1 Answer

If a company as a debt to ebitda ratio of 1.5, do you think this is too high or too low?

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Previous experience

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What do you know about TD?

1 Answer

I do not remember verbatim but something along the lines of, "how did you meet and exceed sales goals in previous positions"

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