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Where do you see yourself going in the company?

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Why should I give this position to you, amongst the many applicants who applied?

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You've been approached to help a group of girls pick out makeup for a girls night out. One of the girls has tried on a lipstick that all of her friends love, but it's clear neither of you think this is the right match. How do you help guide her in another direction?

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If a customer approached you for help finding the right foundation, how would you help them? What other things can you assume that the customer may need?

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Question classique: Quel est ton pire défaut?

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What are the undertones

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If one of your co-workers is giving you trouble how would you deal with them

-tell me about yourself -sell me this imaginary product -what did you learn at school -what do you wish your school program would have done differently -do you have retail experience -have you ever done event coordination type things -why do you think you would be good for this job (why should we hire you) -clarifying on my personality (questions what do you mean) -whats your availability -how are you at approaching sales

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