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Colorado Department of Corrections
Correctional Officer was asked...October 13, 2017

Associations with cowokers.

2 Answers

I a curious about your answer. What does it matter when they test you for drugs? You do them or you don't. You can be tested at anytime in your employment. Less

When you go through basic training when do you take the drug test

Michigan Department of Corrections

If an inmate sees that you just had a piece of gum and asks for a stick of gum would you give the inmate a piece of your gum?

2 Answers

Absolutely NOT!

No, and you should also not have gum.

Virginia Department of Corrections

Would you be able to shoot an inmate to prevent his/her escape?

2 Answers


Yes, lol.

Florida Department of Corrections

would you shoot an inmate escaping?

2 Answers

yes, if the situation calls for it


Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Why did you apply for this job?

2 Answers

I have 6 years experience with the Texas Youth Commission. I then Drove 18 wheelers long haul for 12 years. I got injured and have been on disability since. My SSI Disability pay has been getting cut back little by little. I am now destitute and almost homeless again. I am feeling better and am tired of no one hiring me for part time. Since I have experience, I know I can do the job, and I will start at over 3 times my SSI Disability benefits. $1200 a month sucks. $3775 a month I can live on. Less

Looks like a good opportunity to expand my experience.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Why do you want to work here?

2 Answers

Career change

Currently I am unemployed and I need a new career. I have known various people that have worked there and they have great benefits! Less

Federal Bureau of Prisons

Where can contraband be hidden?

2 Answers

Anywhere, majority is hidden in plane site.

On them... in the common areas ... in the vents... under their mattress... in their shoes... books .. in hidden self made compartments such as coke cans... in lockers.. toothpaste tubes ... toilet paper rolls. Basically anywhere Less

Texas Juvenile Justice Department

How would you make sure every youth got along in the dorms or how would you go about handling it?

2 Answers

By getting to know each other communicate and you know hang out outside of work

My response to this question would be observation observation interactions and implementation of rules and expectations. When working with youths awareness and engagement is a must. Less

NC Department of Public Safety

If you was doing a cell search and you dropped an inmate radio and broke it and the inmate seen it what should you do?

2 Answers

Apologize and inform your immediate supervisor to resolve the issue.

My answer was get my Sargent on the radio and tell him/her what happen and have her come to assistant me in the solution on how to fix this problem Less

Trinity Executive Services

How would you handle inmates who constantly yelled at you and said extremely derogatory things to and about you?

2 Answers

I would show no emotion whether it affected me or not because I can let the inmates see my weakness or that will be something they would use to play on me against my authority and try to play on my intelligence and then their would be a problem Less

In essence, I am above being influenced or intimated by persons who have been incarcerated for a crime. Less

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