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Basic addition and subtraction exercises that many people failed. We had to keep track of and maintain a total number of inmates as they were moved from cell to cell. 4 of 12 applicants in my test group were selected for training.

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The proper answer on the exam different for each test taker. There were three sample tests given.

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Many questions on the exam tested a person's thought process, ability to think through challenging ethical/moral decision making skills. The questions were formatted to distinguish a person's personality types and reaction to violence, opposition and coping ability.

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All situational. Would you ever associate with inmates who are released or served their time?

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How you handle stressful situations What your knowledge of indigenous culture is What the most difficult situation you’ve been in was

Explain how you will deal with a conflict between two of your staff?

Nothing out of ordinary. Need to focus on being culturally sensitive to meet needs of offenders.

What do you believe your role will be?

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Your partner shows up intoxicated to work what do you do?

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