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Charm City Concierge
Corporate Concierge/Event Planner was asked...July 11, 2017

What is your weakness?

1 Answers

My biggest flaw or weakness is one and the same as my biggest strength. That would be my inability to say no, i will always do the extra work, go the extra mile, find a way to get something done, because I cannot give up or accept the word No Less


What is your greatest strength?

1 Answers

My greatest strength, is my ability to think critically and creatively when solving problems, I have great interpersonal communications skills and have a passion for working with others, as well as leading a team to achieve a goal. Less

Charm City Concierge

Tell me about how you have solved a problem creatively.

John Paul

Why do I want to work for John Paul. A time when I went above & beyond in a cs role.

Capital Group

Situational questions - tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult client, something did not go your way during an event, etc.

Charm City Concierge

What would you do if you had downtime on the job?

Charm City Concierge

What is your strength?


Explain a time where something went wrong and how you adjusted to fix it.


Asked about my background and software experience


Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Why are you wanting to leave your current position? What makes you a good fit for this position? Do you plan itineraries? What's your worst and best quality?

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