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Schweiger Dermatology Group
Corporate Employee was asked...March 11, 2021

Describe a time you tried at something and failed?

1 Answers

I described a project I worked on that didn't pan out and focused on the recovery steps we took. Less

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

What would you do if you had several tasks to do and not enough time to complete them?

1 Answers

Ask my boss to prioritize.

Broad River Retail

How do I handle conflict?

1 Answers

Patiently! Listening to what a customer has to say and calmly trying to resolve the conflict by putting myself in their shoes. Less

Pilot Thomas Logistics

Tell me about your previous experience?

1 Answers

I simply went into previous positions that I have held with same or similar duties. Less


I was asked how I would handle leading a training for a position I had never held before.

1 Answers

I admitted that i would be nervous, but that I knew the training team would prepare me and make sure that I was ready. Less


How do you make the business case for more resources?

1 Answers

How do you establish trust?

Match Marketing Group

Tell me a time when you had an issue with your manager. What was the situation, what did you do, and what were the results?

1 Answers

I provided an example of a situation

Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct Club asked for a copy of my pay stub for my current position.

1 Answers

I felt uncomfortable providing a pay stub. This has NEVER been asked of me form other companies that I've interviewed for. Very concerning. Less

Fireman hospitality group

To be honest, I did not find any questions challenging or thought-provoking.

1 Answers

You have a job thath fireman needs?

Oiles America

Tell me what you did in your previous job.

1 Answers

Tell me what you did in your previous job.

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