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Content & Community Manager was asked...April 5, 2020

Tell me about your content strategy.

2 Answers

I described several strategies for different verticals.

I agree with your comments about your experience. I recently also had an experience that ended on a third stage but I got an impression that they were very disorganized and they lacked proper interview skills/specialists/process to effectively conduct interviews including poor English language skills (not all though). I was surprised that at TikTok, all rounds of interviews are "elimination" based, so it's not like once you reach a certain level you can be sure you will have a loop panel interview with 4-5 stakeholders and one weaker/average interview wouldn't be a deal breaker as opposed to "rolling elimination-approach" one. I have had interviews with Linkedin, Google, FB, Twitter but I have never had such a great interviews like I did with TikTok + nice vibe/chemistry with the recruiters and rejection afterwards. Be careful and don't lose your focus if they are chit chatting with you - it doesn't mean you are doing well. A rejection was a huge shock to me, particularly that I didn't reach the last interview there and usually I am capable of reaching the last stage of the interview process at social media companies which more challenging/structurized process. There were 270 applicants to the role I applied - hence I stick to it as a reason behind my (too early) rejection. Less


How do you look at ambiguity?

2 Answers

I feel it is a part of our lives so i look forward to it.

when something is ambiguous, you try to find what was truly meant...what is wanted...clear up any confusion asap so a question can be answered correctly or a task can be completed quickly and properly. Less


None, since they are that kind of company that would pick you for another round, and then not bother to inform you whether you made it through or not.

2 Answers

Considering previous experience with WordAppeal - an application a year previously, and a conversation during an employent forum at my university - I got the impression that they do have a serious HR problem. Less

When I used to work there it was the same. Revolving door of staff, no follow up on interviews, tests, CVs...sounds likes they should hire an "HR champion", or whatever on-trend word they're using these days... Less


Why are you uniquely qualified for the position

2 Answers

Be thankful for this. You do NOT want to work for this horrible company.

They can't respond to you directly UNLESS you post where others can see it. That sure gets you a response. Funny how that works. Less

C-4 Analytics

From a C-level executive: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Seriously.

2 Answers

In a leadership position, fostering the growth of marketing efforts.

They have no solid leadership function. the founders started a good model, and have added people that are just like minded... but yeah, that's a dumb question for 2018. It was a dumb question for 1980, too. "Celebrating the 5 year anniversary of you asking me that question" Less

Unboxed Technology

The initial phone conversation was not an actual interview. It is just a conversation which is likely used to judge if applicant is a culture fit.

2 Answers

We spent time discussing my lifestyle and previous jobs.

Hi, there. I'm sorry to hear that our interview process left you with the impression that your time did not matter to us. Nothing could be further from the truth -- we truly appreciate the time and care required for a candidate to apply for a position at Unboxed, and are consistently impressed by the quality of applicants we meet. Thanks so much for reaching out. We are always striving for improvement, and take your comments seriously. Less

Arena Solutions

"We know we can never get along with everyone...but tell me two things people who don't like you would say about you."

2 Answers

I'm especially adept at avoiding answering questions that can only cast me in a negative light. Less

The point of this question is to dump a bucket of mud over you and see how much of it sticks--be careful! Less

Pocket Aces

What makes a plane fly?

2 Answers

Passengers, it won't be flying if there aren't any.

It's speed

Internet Brands

Talk about your experience managing freelancers.

2 Answers

Managing freelancers is a mixed bag. They're often talented but difficult to control because they are not in house, Less

You should've added that, despite the challenge of handling freelancers and remote individuals, you are consistent with following up and ensuring that things get done in a timely manner and that deadlines are met. Less


They're hiring for Content person and know nothing of the type of questions to ask. One question I was asked was how can I ensure that a LinkedIn post receives the maximum exposure organically.

2 Answers

I told him that being a networking social media, promotions on LinkedIn are mostly dependent on the number of reliable and worthy connections you have. I told him that after doing a post, you can send a message to your known connections to help you spread a word about it. The funny thing that happened was the person, as expected, was not convinced and said that a better way would be to just randomly tag your connections on the post which will ensure most exposure. Just to be on the sure side, when I asked about this to some acquaintances of mine, who have considerable experience in this field, the first reaction I got was people laughing. Less

Randomly tagging connections on LinkedIn might give greater visibility but it's a bad experience. It's alright if you're collaborating with someone. Your answer is also correct. But seriously, the interview experience you've shared is really sad. Not worth it. Less

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