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Abbots Care
Community Support Worker was asked...July 2, 2019

What qualities do you have to be a support worker

4 Answers

Calm under pressure, great communicator and kind hearted.

They know the value of communication. ... Patience and a sense of humour. ... Reliability. ... Respect. Less

Good support means someone who is honest, works with integrity and can be trusted to care for your loved one, and keep them safe from harm. While trust is built over time, it can be a source of reassurance for family and friends to know their loved one is being supported by someone who is trustworthy. Less

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Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County

An unexpected question was "Would you consider relocating?"

3 Answers

I found this odd as I live 20 miles away which I assumed is an average commuting distance for most people here in the bay area. Less

I remember the interview lasting about 45 mins, it was a panel interview: manager and two other members of the team. I am so sorry but its been so long I don't remember exact questions. You should be aware of the community that you would be working with, the different languages, challenges and barriers within those communities. Good Luck! Less

did they tell you how much they pay for this position? how long was your interview? do you have any tips or advice? what other questions did they ask if you can remember? I'd appreciate the help Less

Enthuse Care

What makes a good carer

2 Answers

Do you drive, and how far would you be willing to travel


Johnson & Johnson

Please Tell me about yourself

2 Answers

What’s your prior experience and how will it help now

I have two kidneys, eyes, hands and legs.

Coast Mental Health

What would you do if you were giving out medications to a client and the medicine cabinet was open, and then you overhear two clients arguing in the other room, how would you handle the situation?

2 Answers

If I have not opened the medication pouch roll, I would put it back in the med cabinet and lock it up and then I would attend to the client's who are arguing. I would then separate the two and instruct them to go into separate rooms/areas and I would then talk with them individually and would get each individuals story on the incident. By doing this, I would get a clearer picture what transpired and how we can resolve the problem at hand. After I have dealt with the situation, I would then give out the medication to the client. Less

According to me, the whole situation is suspicious because the client’s medicine cabinet was open under no assistance. And I believe, client’s health is more priority than anything else at the moment. Then I will handle the other two client’s next room. Less

Texas Health and Human Services Commission

How will you manage your scheduler if you have 100 people to see in one month?

2 Answers

Divide them up into regions/ cities. Do home visits in clusters. About 10 to 18 people a day. Less

See five per weekday.

SE Health

How would you react if you saw a client had a very red and itchy rash on their legs?

2 Answers

Call the nurses at the office. This was the correct answer, but I have heard that some people answered that they would call 911, which is incorrect. Less

I would personally report it to the charge nurse and document it. Will call to get an order for treatment cream. Less

University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System

Why do you want to work in the field of Community health.

1 Answers

I really love what I do with love and enthusiasm. I also enjoy helping people. Even little things make a big difference! Helping others is my passion and realizing you can use compassion to support other dreams is a reason I feel so strongly about this belief. Less

Walnut Street Center

What are good communication skills ?

1 Answers

Good communication skills are when you tell the individual what to do and you have them repeat it back to you to make sure that she or he understood. Less

Brothers of Charity Services

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

1 Answers

Kept it short and sweet. Straight to the point.

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