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Are you offended by hardcore gay porn?

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No, i actually watch them sometimes

How you deal with conflict?

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All of the questions were along the lines of 'Give me an example of a time when you did X, Y or Z'. Very typical for a communications role.

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What is the P2C - Students' vision?

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Asked general interview questions like: Where do you see yourself in 5 year? Tell me about your Experience, etc.

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What headline would you write for this story? Situational and character driven questions.

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TEST 1: IN YOUR OWN WORDS, based on the scenario provided, write a news release in CP Style, including quotes from the appropriate minister and stakeholders. Resources and examples can be found at: Please complete your news release on the blank page following the section below (1 ½ page MAX) Competencies addressed: - Ability to write a well-crafted, accurate and concise news release, including supporting and appropriate quotes. - Plain language - Organization and language - Grammar, spelling and punctuation - Knowledge of cabinet ministers and awareness of government message and priorities - Knowledge of B.C. government news release style - Awareness of CP style The suggested time frame for completing part 2 is 1 hour and 45 minutes SCENARIO: Announce improvements to Bigtown Memorial Hospital (BMH) Briefing: • Minister of Health to announce final stage of government $ commitment to 2013 Bigtown Health Services Capacity Initiative (BHSCI), to improve ER congestion and add inpatient capacity. • Bigtown Health one of Canada’s largest health authorities, serving almost 50% of B.C population. It’s B.C’s largest and fastest growing region, expected to grow by 30% by 2020. • BMH ER one of the busiest emergency departments in BC. 80,000 patient visits annually to BMH ER, projected to increase to 101,000 by 2020. • ER originally built in 1965 for about 40,000 patient visits per year. Regional population then approximately 50,000 – today 400,000, ergo ER congestion. • Often at over 100% capacity, with patients treated on stretchers in hallways; many greater Bigtown patients must seek medical treatment elsewhere because there is no room at BMH. • BHSCI has advised that BMH needs new, expanded ER, and perinatal care facility for premature and/or critical newborns. Project being announced to include both, plus more. Other BMH improvements already completed or underway include new outpatient facility and additional renal stations. • BHSCI and the Acute Care Capacity Initiative (ACCI) project that BMH will need 500 more beds by 2020. • New emergency department and perinatal centre planned for first two floors of new Critical Care Tower: o New ER to be four times larger, with separate pediatric ER and dedicated mental health stabilization unit. o 40 neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) beds – 20 existing, 20 added. o NICU to have single-occupancy rooms for family-centred care – proven to reduce transmission of hospital-acquired infections, and decrease overall length of stay. • Approved capital budget: $400 million • Construction to start: spring 2014. New ER slated to open: late 2015. • Bigtown Memorial Hospital Foundation committed to raising $20 million for the project. Child Health BC providing $5 million. • BMH Critical Care Tower and renovations project expected to generate 4,000 jobs during construction. • Project to add 140 inpatient beds, including NICU and obstetrical beds. This is a fictional assignment for testing purposes only and does not reflect any actual government decisions

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They told me they thought my "big picture" approach would be an asset to the company.

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Do you have at least 6 months experience using CRM?

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