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Executive Assistant - Strategic Communications was asked...February 12, 2016

VERY basic. More conversational than structured questioning. I was asked by multiple people, "What is your biggest accomplishment?" Another popular question, "Why do you think you're a good fit?"

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I interviewed for a Control System Engineering position a few years ago. I am an expert in pointing and tracking control systems in Aerospace. The interview was a complete waste of time. I spent about a week to prepare a graphical presentation on my skills in designing advanced military pointing and tracking systems. The Kymeta staff had no insightful questions and really did not care about what I could do for them to build a superior product. It was as though the need had gone a way. The questions that were answered in the structured interview by one individual was meaningless. By the end of the interview the principal engineer in charge of my interview waltzed in and said let's wrap it up. I was disappointed that I was not allowed to show my skills and background in a way that would really benefit the. In the end, I told them they were going to be a failure due to the vibration environment and they were ignorant regarding solving end to end systems design. It was the worst interview I ever had and was upset I had wasted my time. Initially, I drove around the parking lot to see how many costly vehicles there were. There were none. I knew going in that they must pay poorly as nobody is showing that they are doing well by having fancy cars. I would never work for them. If you look on LinkedIn, you will find they have had many employees in the past that were let go. If you are young and straight out of school, it might be a good place to do advanced work. For a senior engineer, I did not trust their systems approach and did not want to get blamed for the team doing a poor job. Old guys want to avoid this and manage the risk in doing any job as a contractor, consultant or an employee. It is too bad I could not help them. Maybe if I had talked to the CEO o Kymeta directly, I could have had the influence that I wanted to have. In any event, be very careful signing up to work for Kymeta. Less

But if the antenna is meant to be steered electronically, why the gimbal?

I am done discussing my Kymeta interview experience.

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United Nations

If I had a budget of 250000$, what would be the best action plan to be drafted to spend the money with regards to networking with the local media outlets?

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I need a job...

first, i will locate to the field that i do concern, tourism industry segmentation.focusing plan to create a master plan a mass project that involving media or people who work with.Media is the important part in taking big role of play in communicating issues to the subject. The budget will properly divide into various chamber that each part keep maintain its duty to support the idea. Less

membentuk organisasi pemberdayaan masyarakat bidang pendidikan

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Valiant Marketing Group

It was so hot in there, I honestly don't remember her questions, but it felt like a sales pitch for a pyramid scheme.

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As soon as I figured out what kind of job it was, I left the interview promptly, wishing I had never gone. Less

Being a college graduate with two degrees... HA! This is the owner of the business who came on here to overturn the truthful statement of the original post. She brags about her "2 degrees" from a second rate Big Ten school a number of times during the interview process Less

I have interviewed for this business, being a college graduate with two degrees. I felt like the compensation that was offered was fair as its guaranteed income yet seems to reward those who perform higher. I can see that the training program was designed like a business school. There is chance for serious growth into hire management. I hope I get the position to represent their clients. They all check out when I research them online. Less


I was asked if I felt that I could repeat a conversation verbatim (into captioning software) even if I personally felt that the conversation was offensive and/or abusive.

2 Answers

I stated that I could and would do so.

I also said that I'd be able to do this.

Specialized Bicycle Components

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

2 Answers

Good qustion

Just i am.learning in five year how to deal coustmer

Mammoth Marketing

Why should we hire you instead of all the other applicants

1 Answers

Please don't hire me

Intercare Holdings Insurance Services

Listening to their graphic design goals.

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I simply shared that I am not a graphic designer. I shared my strengths in analysis of health insurance for individuals, groups and how easily it can be communicated via phone, and internet. Less

This website is a place to post reviews about the company. I.E. reviews from past or current employees. This sounds like an issue of miscommunication with your supplier rather than a reflection of the company itself. Less


Will you be comfortable in this position for at least two years?

2 Answers

Yes I would be comfortable

I don’t remember my answer verbatim but I remember knowing that I wanted this opportunity no matter what. Less

SD Events & Promotions

Are you an entrepreneur?

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Thank you for taking the time to share your experience at SD Events. We would like to point out that we are not a door to door sales company. Our team members execute various direct marketing and promotions techniques, but our main goal is to build and develop our team members into leaders and businessmen. We apologize that our opportunities did not align with your professional goals. We will be taking your feedback into consideration. Less

Fidelis Enterprises

Questions are pretty standard. Most thoughtful one was, "Why do you think our company chooses to use direct marketing as opposed to indirect marketing?"

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Do your research on the company, and you'll know that it's all about building relationships with customers. They gather sales on behalf their main client, Power Home Remodeling Group, and direct marketing is a way of demonstrating the product and having someone vouch for it in person rather than reading about it in a magazine. Less

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