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Alberta Securities Commission
Senior Communications Advisor was asked...December 18, 2022

Tell us about a time you successfully completed a project

PNC Financial Services Group

Why you are fit for this position? How would you develop a communications strategy? How would you deal in a complex working environment?

BBC Studios

Why do you want to work for BBC Studios? What are your expectations for the role and how are you wanting to progress?

City of Mississauga Canada

Describe a situation where there was an issue and how did you resolve it.

Southern California Edison

They were STAR behavioral questions...

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I was too general in my response and spoke of overall concepts.


Q: Tell us about yourself?

City of Mississauga Canada

Give an example of a time you dealt with a difficult colleague?


Standard questions about strengths and weaknesses.

Fletcher Building

Q: What are your aspirations for this job?

Center for Policing Equity

What is your stake in racial justice?

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