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How do you determine if we are going to give out a 1M loan?

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 Know your customers; understand the borrower, business model, financial conditions, why they need the financing, how’s their repayment ability? Any securities? Any covenants we would like to set?  What industry? What is the market trend in that industry, conduct fundamental analysis.

Nothing unusual, behavioural questions are all straight out from the books. They are looking for a good fit for the company, so just be your polished self.

Previous work history? Why this position? Why CIBC? How you developed business in your previous roles?

Should do you the deal? Why or why not?

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What are the risks associated with the business?

What would you do if two bosses gave you assignments that were due at the same time and you could only complete one on time?

What do you like to do on weekend?

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