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DTE Energy
Student Co-Op was asked...November 17, 2020

Explain a time you missed a key piece of information during work or on a project and what you did to overcome it. Explain a time you went above and beyond with a group Explain a project you worked on where you had to do some deep research to get your answers.

5 Answers

Its been 4 days since verbal offer, she said she needs supervisors signature for the written offer. Should I worried? Less

It could be that you are starting some time in January and they are just processing offers for those starting sooner. I would just follow up with your recruiter next week. Less

Yeah, you are right, I do start in January. Thank you. Lol

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Diamond Schmitt Architects

Run us through your portfolio?

2 Answers

I explained the project by project the concept, challenges, and technical solutions. Less

Very helpful! How long did you wait to get their offer after interview?

Department of Transportation and Works

Why do you want to work for us?

2 Answers

To add value to the organization

To add value to the organization


How many text messages are sent every day in Canada, and walk us through your thought process to get this answer.

2 Answers

If we assume that sum of messages sent by sender as x(i) where i is for one individual And the receivers as y(i), z(i) etc and total population as m then text messages can be: Sum over m(p{x(i)} + p{y(i)} +p{z(i)} .....) Where p is either 0 or 1. Less

The answer is not important, just make sure you use numbers such as the population of Canada, and talk them through everything that is running through your head. This is all about your thought process. Less

Imperial Oil

Favorite and least favorite courses?

2 Answers

I have similar situation what u said in context.

For which position u were interviewing!!

Canada Revenue Agency

What are the CRA's values?

2 Answers

It's on the CRA website.

Integrity, Professionalism, Respect, Collaboration.


Name a time that you had a conflict in the workplace and how did you resolve it.

1 Answers

I answered with a time I got into a disagreement with a co-worker and had to solve the problem. Less


Tell us about a time you saw something unsafe and intervened.

1 Answers

Gave an example from a previous job and how I confronted the worker performing an unsafe task effectively. Less

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Describe your knowledge of the Department, its mandate, structure, and work.

1 Answers

I read through the Dept's website and spoke with current employees. Also I read the Mandate Letter from the PM to the Minister as that lays out the Departmental priorities. Less


Tell me a time where you demonstrated Safety?

1 Answers

What is your opinion on travel ?

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