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Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology
Software Developer Co-Op was asked...February 12, 2017

find the error in the java program

1 Answers

check for the erros


What are you looking for in your co-op experience?

1 Answers

An early experience with full-stack development

Reliable Controls

Question about my software experience

1 Answers

Described my current position

Ontario Power Generation

Do you have any experience with vba, power bi, and Microsoft access? Can you work under pressure? Tell me about yourself.

1 Answers

I used my previous experience and if I was not familiar with a software then I would showcase how I’m dedicated, willing to learn, and can learn quickly. Less


The detail of my recent course project

1 Answers

Describe all the business logic and also I take my computer with me I show them my code and running result directly Less

Frozen Mountain

Why do you want to work for Frozen Mountain?

1 Answers

I answered honestly that I was interested in the technology at first. I added that as I got to know them throughout the interview process that they seemed like passionate, thorough people who care about their employees and try to create a great working environment. Less


What would you like to work on? What is your software development experience?

1 Answers

I would like to work on SSL offloading. Have 4 years of experience in software development with some details. (The recruiter was not a technical person, so I decided not to make her brain overload with my technical slang) Less

Shaw Industries

What has been your favorite class project and why?

1 Answers

What kind of Technical Questions were asked? I apologize, I know that this isn't the right place to post this, but I'm not sure where else to post this. Less

Safe Software

What is the difference between deep and shallow copying?

1 Answers

In Shallow copying, it is usually only the top 1 class that is replicated. All data that is references by the object being copied remains in place. Thus, you can end up with two conceptually different objects actually referencing (and possibly modifying) the same data space. In a Deep copy, the underlying data is also replicated so that the "parent" and the "copied" data structures are completely independent of each other. An example might be a linked list that is represented by a list header. IN a shallow copy, you will end up with two headers, "H1" and "H2" that both reference the same linked nodes. Thus any alteration to the structure of the list in H1 will also be changing the structure of the list H2. In a deep copy, all changes to H1 are constrained solely to H1. H2 will not be affected. Less

A Thinking Ape

Given a hotel room with bookings for any number of days (represented in integers), write a method indicating whether it is available for booking given a check-in and check-out day.

1 Answers

For my final solution, I created a custom binary tree and binary tree search method that stores ranges of days being booked for the hotel (int start, int end). It is assumed that the hotel is initialized with a sorted binary tree of its ranges of filled days, sorted by start day (interviewer accepted this). The custom binary search uses the given check-in day and finds the closest starting day for a range that is during or before the check-in date. If the end date for this range is during or after the check-out date, return false. Otherwise, return true. O(log n) search and O(n) memory with n being the number of ranges of bookings. Less

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