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This role requires some sales. How comfortable are you with that and what experience do you have? What sets you apart from other applicants? If you had a very angry client who is upset over fees, how would you handle the situation? Give us an example of a time when you changed a clients mind from a negative experience to a positive one.

Why choosing bank over previous job

Why RBC? What did you like about your previous role? What did you not like about your previous role? How would you handle a customer situation? What are 3 strengths?

Tell me about a time you reached your sales target

What are 5 qualities your friends would say about you?

Other questions are some behavior questions and basic interview questions like what is your weakness, why you leave your last position. Actually after the telephone interview, i asked the interviewer that when I may have the next round, he told me that how about tomorrow. So I is worth to ask.

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