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Because a claims representative works with customers and insurance companies, having listening, communication and other soft skills is essential. Expect interview questions that will ask about your ability to deal with frustrated, confused or injured customers. Additional questions may concern how you negotiate fair payments and your basic administrative skills.

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Top Claims Representative Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top claims representative interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: How do you deal with a stressed-out customer?

How to answer: This question is designed to deduce your social skills as a claims representative. Answer with comments with a calm voice, showing that you acknowledge the customer's frustration; apologise to them that they're feeling this way; and let them know you will take action to resolve their situation.

Question No. 2: How do you manage to negotiate a fair payment?

How to answer: Negotiating skills are of paramount importance as a claims representative. Answer that you will use deductive reasoning and consider the facts surrounding the claim. As a professional claims representative, you understand the normal standards for a variety of claims.

Question No. 3: Do you have the skills needed to spot a fraudulent claim?

How to answer: Claims representatives will occasionally come across fraudulent claims. When asked if you have the conceptual skills needed to spot a false claim, answer with comments stating that you pay attention to detail, have knowledge of what a clean claim looks like and always double-check your work, for instance. In addition, mention that if you suspected a fraudulent claim, you would alert the insurance company immediately.

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State Farm
Claims Representative was asked...February 4, 2015

None, really, but giving an example of a time you received critical feedback is a tricky question because you don't really want it to seem like you are the type to make huge mistakes or are in need of constant coaching.

10 Answers

Is this postion for the Irving, Texas location?

No, it was in Tempe AZ

I am interviewing for the same position in Tempe, AZ this week. What is the salary that they are offering? Less

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State Farm

None of the questions were really difficult. you just have to have scenarios ready and be ready to give the situation, how you handled it and the result. Some questions were: Tell me a time you disagreed with a boss and how you handled it? or tell me a time you worked as part of a team and they weren't pulling their weight and how you handled it, etc.

8 Answers

I have accepted an offer this week from State Farm. How do you know that they expect you to stick to a strict schedule if you haven't started yet? Less

First, congrats on the new job.. I asked the recruiter a lot of questions. I have claims handling experience and in the scenario questions/answers I gave, it was easy to compare the differences from what I was used to. I dont know what state your position is so it may be different depending on how the office is ran. But she described to me that to regulate things, there is a strict schedule made. They will basically map out your whole day. They will tell you what tasks to handle at which hours and when to take your lunch etc. She also stated that the employees schedule from start to finish will vary but you will know 2-3 months ahead of time. I assume this is how all of them will be because the recruiter was from New York and I am not, nor is my position. Training is 6 months and is a solid 8-4. I dont start until July.... So we will see how things go..It was explained that there's not much freedom to make your own decisions. But Ive been made offers that made it sound bad before and it was the opposite. Less

Hey, I start in July as well. Are you in Frederick, MD?

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Social Security Administration

"A claimant comes in with her little children who are being very disruptive in the office. The mother (the claimant) cannot focus on the interview questions, what do you do?"

6 Answers

You mentioned you have any further resources for the interviews? Specific blogs I can look at to prepare myself further? Any help would be great!! I interview May 12, 2014 so any help before them would be greatly appreciated! Less

You should see if the claimant can still go through with the interview even while there is a lot of noise to distract her. Less

I always kept coloring books and crayons, Matchbox cars, and Playdough in my office and the trunk of my car as I came across this frequently during my years of claims adjusting. The Dollar Store is a fantastic place to load up on these goods. Less

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The phone voice test with script was difficult and I was asked questions that I had to answer based on my customer service experience and skills.

7 Answers

Have you ever done or heard of interviews for liveops being done on Google Hangouts? I did a interview on Google Hangouts for liveops 8/9/18 the next day I was told I was hired I was sent the employee contract to sign and a W-4 to my email address. First I was told the company was going to fund the mini home office and then I was told that the vendor needed to adjust and reprogram programs due to HIPAA and I need to purchase cards for the vendor to install what is needed cost around $200 so my home mini office could be sent to me that's where the red flag came up at. Now I don't know if I am really employed with liveops or not and scammed out of my social security number and also no background check was ever mentioned. Less

I had that same problem last in July I did an interview on Google Hangout for liveops the next day I was told I was hired. Less

I'm going into the same process and this guy called Joseph is interviewing me through hang out!!! And asking deposited 9000 into my account! And asking me to send 5000 to the vendor! Is this activity related to this company!!!!? This is so fishy Less

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State Farm

How long do you plan on staying with the company and what is your long term goal within the company?

5 Answers

If you don't mind me asking how long did the background check take for you? And yes I been having a little trouble with verifying previous jobs.. And thanks for you previous response. Less

I also had trouble verifying two of my employers because one company I had no longer existed-so then I just offered a contact of another employee that was on the job and the second, I offered as much information as I possibly could on the company/employee....But they will call and ask a lot of information about your job title, salary and such. It's better to know who will be giving your information because they won't have a difficult time communicating your role to the people at Hire Right. I was so nervous when they were verifying this information because we are asking past employers to give up information. WHo even knows if they'll actually answer the phone Less

The background check was very easy. The company HireRite did have a little terrible with one verification but they called me and advised they were having trouble and I was able too contact my previous employer and have then verify it. Less

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Liberty Mutual Insurance

Interview process is lengthy and very detailed.. be prepared to give some good impressive examples. What motivates you to go to work? Why Should I hire you? Why liberty mutual? Name a time you had to give complex instructions to someone? Name a time you took lead of a situation? What would your boss say is your weakness/ strengths? Name a time you had to give bad news to someone? Name a time you had to make a decision off little information? Where do you see yourself in the future?

4 Answers

You remember the standard reading test that you took in school? Read this page and then tell me the main reason. ... Kinda like that but when you take it you need to understand that the assessment will take you 50 to 120 minutes. Less

Liberty Mutual is known to be an excellent place to work, I should know, I worked there for 18 years starting as a medical payment only clerk and finishing as a senior workers compensation claims adjuster. Also worked as a field investigator for 3 years. Less


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State Farm

1. Time you had conflict with a coworker, how did you handle it, what was the outcome. 2. Describe a time you weren't able to deliver on a timeframe you'd given a customer. Looking back, what do you think you could have done differently? 3. Describe a time you were given critical feedback. 4. A time you had to complete a large volume of work in a short amount of time. (Quantity vs Quality) 5. A time you had to solve a problem. How did you do it? What was the outcome? Do you think you made the right decision? Why or why not?

4 Answers

Used STAR format for all my answers and already had several different scenarios I'd experienced at my previous jobs to go off of He said he was definitely going to forward my info so I could move on to the next part of the hiring process (1:1 interview with manager or group/panel interview). Said due to them still interviewing internal candidates it might be 2--3wks before I hear something back, but hopefully sooner. Said he definitely feels I have skills and qualities that make me a great candidate for the position. Said training might not start until April or May, but nothing is set in stone yet so these timeframes could change and happen faster. Keeping my fingers crossed that the next interview happens sooner and I get offered the job...Wish me luck! Less

Did you have any insurance experience? We're they willing to train you?

Did you make it to the next round of interviews?

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American Automobile Association (AAA)

They only ask for situation behavior examples from previous work experience. If you don't have a good story, or they don't like your story, or someone else has a better story, you won't get the job. They would rather evaluate everything you represent, offer, and aspire to be in the form of a few "tell me a time when..." questions.

4 Answers

I'm sure you would make a great claims rep, and truthfully I don't quite know what they are looking for. Part of my story got edited out by the mods here, but I also spoke about one of my final interviews with 4 of the managers on a panel, where we were smiling and laughing in a relaxed environment. It was still the same in that they went through a prearranged list of STAR questions, but they let were loose and allowed for quick discussions in between my stories. The interview lasted over an hour, I had a reference list ready and handed it to them without needing to be ask on my way out, and I walked out feeling like a million dollars. They didn't even bother to call me, I got a faceless rejection email (again) after what I would consider to be the best interview presentation I've made so far. BTW I currently have a terrific job, with a terrific company, who said I absolutely blew them away in my interview. If you continue trying to work claims, try not to take it personally if they don't hire you. Less

Exactly as I practiced, I have a response to any possible experience question S.T.A.R. Situation Task Action Result Go through an experience and take it through these steps. It's not rocket science, but AAA thinks this is how we qualify people to send them into space. Less

Wow. Thank you for your thorough analysis. I think I would be a great claims rep, but I don't think I would make it past that weird interview. You're right, it sounds like they want the best actor. I think employers are borrowing a little too much from reality shows if you ask me. Everyone there sounds fake. Less

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Imagine you're working for Geico and we are promoting a faster way to pay online. I caller calls in to make a payment and as you try to explain the new and fast way to pay they immediately say they are not interested. What do you do?

4 Answers

I really appreciate the feedback .Thank you

I would proceed to process the payment (which is the most important part of customer service) and afterward before hanging up I would explain that if the customer wanted to pay faster they could do and then explain the new procedure. Less

hello, i have a role play interview scheduled for friday 04/26/2016. Please can you give me some insight and also how did you respond to the question you were asked about online payment question Less

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Liberty Mutual Insurance

Give a time you went above and beyond for a customer? How did you handle a upset customer, and what did you do to make it better?

4 Answers

Were you offered a face to face interview during your phone interview?

Yes, I was offered a face to face interview during my phone interview.

Don't worry, your credit doesn't have to be perfect. They just want to make sure that you're pretty responsible, because they give you a company credit card. Less

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