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What would you do if they would can your project and you with it?

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Always the best for the company

What is your current pay

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What kind of boss

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routine questions. asking why your past careers ended. at the end they ask you to do some color matching and color distinguishing tests

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what more can you offer the company?

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Do you know where Apotex located at? How do you wanna come to an interview for language test including Math, English listening, Reading, Vocubulary test

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How did u hear about apotex?

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Tell me about yourself. Your strength and weakness Have you experience of working on batches

certain behavioural questions

They may ask you about long commitment to work with them. Moreover, they may ask you for example do you have house? is it on mortgage to reassure that you will work there long time as people are not staying there long enough due to poor lab environment and low salary.

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