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This is a similar type of question: At 10:00 AM train A left the station and an hour later train B left the same station on a parallel track. If train A traveled at a constant speed of 60 miles per hour and train B at 80 miles per hour, then at what time did train B pass train A?

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For sure I got it wrong! (I think they want to see how you behave under stress)

The answer will be 2:00 pm. 80 t = 60 ( t + 1) t - number of hours till B will catch the A train It will take the B train 3 hours to catch the A train. But because the train B started one hour later (11 am), the time will be 2 pm

What do know about the organization of our business unit?

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If I could be an animal which would I be and why.

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From first HR: What is your sales experience?

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Lot of questions regarding the resume and previous work experience

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Why do you want to work at Canadian Tire?

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If you had to market a light bulb that lasted a lifetime, how would you do it?

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Full blown case study using analytical data

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Why do you want to go into category management?

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