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Senior Helpers
Hha/Caregiver was asked...November 27, 2020

Have u ever worked with the elderly?

10 Answers

Yes I took care of my grandmother .

Yes I have 10 year experience

Yes I took care of my dad and mom

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Amada Senior Care
Caregiver was asked...November 13, 2018

Have you been a caregiver before?

6 Answers

Yes,i was been a caregiver for 2years in the home for the aged in SAUDI ARABIA .. Less


Yes i have worked with elderly people in various home and its my passion given an opportunity I can do wonders. Less

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Do you have experience about the job you are applying for

5 Answers

No. I want to start a career in care giving

Please see resume

Yes I have

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Nurse Next Door

they asked for examples of things we have done to make others happy

5 Answers

Lending a helping hand when needed, to just lend a ear when someone wants to be heard. Less

want your full attention, I want you to listen carefully to what I am saying, I want your ears to only listen to me blabbing nothing else. In Spanish, ears are orejas. We use ears for hearing and listening. Less

Always listening attentively and let them know how it is important for them to share Less

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Home Instead

How would I take care of some one...

4 Answers

Hi Good afternoon

Mi name is Zaily López

Good morning If I were to take of someone. I would first Get Familiar with them And their families to know mire about their needs. I will become there. Confidant. Because I’m a honest And compassionate woman. Less

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Comfort Keepers
Caregiver was asked...December 4, 2018

Do you have any care giving experience?

4 Answers

Yes I do.I work with autistic ,Alzheimer and Dementia patients

Yes I do 3 years

I worked with Alzheimer's and Dementia patients. I also worked 10 plus years with kids in crisis. Less

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Home Instead

"How long have you taken care of the elderly?"

4 Answers

I have 5 years experience

the first lady I took care of was 3 years and the 2nd lady I took care of was 2/1/2 years Less

I have taken care of elderly for total of 5/1/2 year

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Family Tree In-Home Care
Caregiver was asked...December 16, 2017

How many years of experience do you have?

4 Answers

13 years

I have worked as care giver


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Sunrise Senior Living
Caregiver was asked...August 28, 2018

If you saw resident, who is known to be highly aggressive and requires a walker, walking down the hall with his shoes untied and is without his walker, what would you do?

4 Answers

I'm never live resident for your self

First I would get him his walker and offer it to him also tie his shot for him then stop him for a conversation and give him time to tell me why he did not have his walker and ask if he would like to go for a walk with me so I could watch and learn what he likes and don’t like are plus I get to know him and build a friendship so he can know I am there for him when he needs someone to talk with or spend time with Less

To get to know someone you need to react with them also built a friendship snd that way you also have built in them a Trust , respect and then you have s reason into what make them so disgruntled and act out , you need to keep all happy and feeling like they mean something to you and others also they can give you lessons in life’s history that are not in the school books this is from first hand knowledge. Less

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Mature Caregivers

What would you do upon meeting client.

3 Answers

Would try to make them feel safe and that I was capable to help them in what ever they need . Feeling safe is the 1st thing you need for them to feel , they are by them self and at a very vildel time in there life . I always feel that I’m a guest in there homes , and to care for them as I would do for everyone , There dignity is very important and you should make them feel that you care Compassion ! They can be very strong will but if you can get there trust they will feel can relax a little Less

That is a great insert home safety

Work to establish a rapport with the client and understand that this is their home and while I may be providing care, I am still a guest. Essentially, be respectful of their wisdom and as an elder because it is their home and I'm not entering their home to tell them how to live. I'm entering the home to ensure their safety. Less

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