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Warehouse Operations Manager was asked...February 14, 2017

Tell us how you motivate staff in a high pressured environment?

4 Answers

From 30 to 50 staff management

From 30 to 50 staff management

From 30 to 50 staff management

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What is your pay expectation?

1 Answers

It really doesn't matter what you say, they have an number they are looking for and you wouldn't be in the face to face if it was too high. They know what you want from your application. Less


-How did the operation work & where did you fit in? -Can you share your most recent professional history?

1 Answers

First question, I answered, but all follow-ups just had to do with more clarity on how the company ran things Second example, just related my last 3 employers, what I was in charge of, what I learned, and why I moved to the next. Less


They asked how did you use metrics in your last position?

1 Answers

Just tried to use past experiences

There will be a question asking you to describe a confrontation you may have had in your past.

1 Answers

Here they want to know that you are not afraid to be authoritative with your coworkers but they also want to know you are not a hot head. Just say you respect opinions of others and resolved them through teamwork or that your experienced resolving workplace conflict. Guardian has a lot of this and they need to know you can be comfortable in conflict management. Less

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Tell me about a time where you implemented change

1 Answers

Gave a specific situation where I implemented change to the layout of the facilities that impacted the daily operations Less


Where did you hear about us? Why did you leave your last job? What are your strengths/weaknesses? What shift are you looking for? What are you looking to make? *nothing about your past jobs, what your skill sets are, what you can bring to the company...

1 Answers

Like I stated before, the interviewers do not even know what you are applying for unless they look or ask. Why should someone applying for a corporate position interview with someone that operates a forklift? There is something going on here that is weird...they are doing something with peoples information, that is why they are the only company to put such high salaries on their job postings? DO NOT get your hopes up when they call you quickly after you apply, just being real about it so you do not think you are in for a $150,000/year job...I hope someone exposes what they are really doing besides wasting a lot of peoples time and energy. Less


How do you account for disk failures in ensuring you lose no data from the hadoop cluster. Asked to come up with a hypothetical configuration (2 racks, n number of disks, 1 copy of data on each rack).

1 Answers

Struggled quite a bit with MTBF. Didn't answer well.

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How would you get the most out of your employees in a competitive market?

1 Answers

I gave a broad answer because it was really a broad question to be honest. After the humiliation of knowing I was already interviewing for a job that I wasn't qualified for, I was then given "constructive criticism" by the interviewer for giving a broad answer. I'm not new to interviewing, I know how to answer with specific situations. That being said, when you ask a very non-specific question you should expect a non-specific answer. Less

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How do you handle working with new teams?

1 Answers

Very well

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