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Visual merchandiser Interview Questions in Canada


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The only question pertaining to the job was "what brought you to apply for this position at sport chek?"

2 Answers

needed a change of pace, and looking for full-time work that was somewhat like my current part-time job in merchandising.

Did you get the job ? Because im in the exact same situation right now

What blogs or websites do you follow?

1 Answer

why did you chose your layout

1 Answer

They asked me if I was comfortable having to change everything in a department by not only moving around product but moving fixtures and changing wall plans when necessary.

1 Answer

Who is your style icon?

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They wanted to know if I could use resources such as my cell phone, tablet etc without compensation.

1 Answer

Do you know anything about the company

1 Answer

My work experience?

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How would you define visual merchandising?

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What is your process when working on a project?

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