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Research scientist Interview Questions in Canada


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Case study

3 Answers

Could you please advise what was questions in both test and video interview?

Basic data manipulation.

And video had stats qs and clinical data case study. Don’t know if that is last stage.

How to choose emotions in like/dislike systems and any problems in the A/B test.

4 Answers

Let's say you finished developing a machine learning model and you are getting 95% accuracy. Should you be happy?

2 Answers

Consider the following bit string 11?100 you need to write a method which can replace this question mark with 1 & 0 Output should be: 110100 , 111100 This should be implemented for N number of question mark each time replaced with 1 and then with 0

2 Answers

2) What is generally considered a trade-off in machine learning?

2 Answers

Lots questions about my experience on similar projects, how I would start to bring what I've learned and my expertise into the project, how I would solve some of the challenges they were currently facing in the project.

1 Answer

How much do you know this area (research topic)?

1 Answer

Some specific technical questions associated with scientific methods.

1 Answer

How capable are you working independently

1 Answer

Where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years? Who sitting at the table should get the job based on what you have heard today?

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