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Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Registered Nurse was asked...September 8, 2018

Tell me a time you went above and beyond for a patient.

10 Answers

I was in the same boat and had a shadow day today but was just told there may not be openings in November. Have you heard anything? Less

I had a shadow day last Wednesday also, but did not hear that information! Where did you hear that? I have not heard anything since the shadow day. Less

I emailed one of the recruiters and thanked her for the opportunity to come in and shadow and she responded that she was still waiting for confirmation that more could be hired for November and the next start date is a few months out. She said she’d know more this week. Have you heard back at all? Less

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Kaiser Permanente

Tell me what you would do if you heard a rumor about someone and then you had to work with them. Would you assume it to be true or get to know the person first.

8 Answers

dont participate in this crap at work!!!!!!

I do not get involved with gossip at work

Make my opinion of this person based on my own interactions with them.

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Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

name a time you were unable to keep a deadline

7 Answers

did you get an offer?

Hi! I did the same. I was also asked to interview at the nursing ops interview day. Have you heard anything? Less

I haven’t heard anything yet today- I am still in the new RN talent pool, hoping for an interview soon...what is the nursing ops day Less

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Hospital Santa Marcelina

Se vc vi se um colega preparando uma medicação errada oque vc faria

6 Answers

Chamaria ele de canto, e ofereci ajudar a preparar a medicação correta

Chamaria de canto

Chamaria ele e ajudaria, juntamente com a prescrição medica

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Sedgwick Claims Management Services

Can you speak directly with the physician if needed?

6 Answers




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Tell me a time where you faced a difficult patient ?

6 Answers

and helping on the time the they need someone to be there

make a different on a patient on his or her last days of the life

Confort then on we what they need to be really care to then

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Spectrum Home Healthcare

They want someone who is looking for a long-term position

4 Answers


Full time is exactly what I am looking for.

Full time employment is exactly what I am looking for.

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LRS Healthcare
Staff RN was asked...November 10, 2017

What experience do you have?

4 Answers

13 years of CVICU

job experience as nurse medical technology department .

hi dear sir /madam i am a qualify nurse ,qualify medical laboratory technician degree (pediatric medical) in kabul medical university but unfortunately due to war situation i could not complete i have flown as a refugee in UK i used to work in J R Hospital with a good recommendation letter from (MAUand MSSU) I,ve got a lots of job experience in my country job as nurse in UK hca . Less

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West Jefferson Medical Center

When can you begin employment

4 Answers


Depending wen you hire me

Answered that I wouldn't be in the area for another month or 2

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Fort HealthCare

What would you do if you entered a patient room and found them unconscious.

4 Answers

Following standard bedside emergnecy practice, first I would call a code immediately, then begin checking the patient’s breathing and circulation. When help arrives make sure to have adequate IV access and then follow directions from the physician. Less

Stay with the client but call for help check the spo2 if low commence oxygen send for doctor check for other vital signs, check Blood sugar levels , when the doctor comes follow instructions and document all you have been doing. Less

omg.. i hope u didnt say it like that.. didnt u take BLS? Circulation Airway Breathing.. for those of us who are hoping to learn some right answers on here.. C.A.B. jeez! Less

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