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Operations Manager was asked...November 29, 2012

Our client is a bit pushy and demanding, aggressive and very hard to please. She also speaks her mind and may not listen sometimes are you ok with that?

2 Answers

Im not that sensitive its just a work

Okay! For that situation I will ask her if what she wants, and how we can settle that in an easy and fastest way that we cannot argue. Then we will have a contract or letter that we will signed as a prof that we agree on what we settle. Less

Inghams Enterprises

Very few questions, interview consisted of COO running through their qualifications, history, and self-evaluation of own performance highly narcissistic.

3 Answers

Sought to obtain company detail of vision and values, the response was COO s personal future expectations. Less

Yes , totally accurate , my experience was the same. COO kept referring to "Quals" as most important and constantly referring to her "Quals" which subsequently proved to be a figment of imagination. An overpromoted cleaner at a company takeover. Less

I got the job... but couldn't in hindsight say it was due to my interview skills , the COO was only interested in lording her "skills" achievements and qualifications. Less


Why did you chose to wear what you wore for your interview today?

3 Answers

I wear this outfit because it's very comfortable,I love wearing boots and tight in the fall and it just shows my personality Less

I chose this outfit to wear today cause it shows off my personality

I was a bit more descriptive, like the first answer. Show that you put thought into a couple pieces, or how does it show your personality. If you just say, I chose this dress because it shows my personality, they will just say, "elaborate on that.." Less

Compass Group USA

Why do you want to work for Compass Group

3 Answers

Yes its very good site

Tq i will attend the interview



What would you do if your boss told you to do something that was against a standard procedure?

3 Answers

A good team member wouldn’t let anything like that happen in front of them, no matter what you should set an example. Less

I would be a daring leader in that instance. Asking a good probing question can allow them to understand why it may bot be the best decision and how it goes against procedures. If they insist at that point, I would insist on sticking to the procedure put in place. Less

After having security standing by with their charged tasers, I would immediately march them directly to the front door & shred their ID. Reinforcing that belligerence of this magnitude will not be tolerated ever again. Less

Do you have any problems in your work?

2 Answers

Yes, we need to hire more people.

No I don't have

Johnson & Wales University

Have you ever worked with a difficult person and how did you handle them?

3 Answers

Describe a large mistake you made at work and how you handled it.

This is odd because Johnson & Wales isn’t located in Fall River, MA

Actually, Johnson & Wales has campuses in Providence, Miami, Denver, & Charlotte. I interviewed at the Equestrian Center located in Rehoboth, MA. Fall River seemed to be the nearest location that I could select. If there is a way to enter a more precise location than what is offered, I didn't it, but I'm not very familiar with the glassdoor website. Less

CEVA Logistics

It was more of a conversation about expectations.

3 Answers

Ops manager?

Apparently I had the right answers.

Yeah me too only to realize I made a huge mistake!!


The weirdest question was "If you have a 3x3 Rubik's cube and removed one row and one column how many cubes are left?" The kid that asked me the question looked to be about 19yo.

3 Answers

The answer could also conceivably be 8 (i.e. a 2x2x2 cube) if you're taking out a row and a column all the way through the cube. The question as phrased is not very clear. Less

Yah I did coursetake's course too and they had such questions covered. Very weird to see these questions pop up in Uber. Going into my test soon. Less

3x3 Rubik's Cube yields you 27 individual pieces. If you remove 1 row and 1 column that intersects, you remove 5 altogether to get you 22 pieces If you remove 1 row and 1 column that DOES NOT intersect, you remove 6 altogether to get you 21 pieces Less

Hard Rock International

tell me something about yourself

2 Answers

hi,myself deepak lala have done my schooling from our lady of remedy high school a convent high school in mumbai,have done my junior college from mmk bandra have done my 3 years hotel managment from rizvi..............i have total 6 years of experience in hotel industry and am hardworking Less

i a ########, i'm from #####. i have pursuide my higher secondary at############## i am pursuing my bachelor of degree at ############# my hobby is playing chess Less

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