General manager Interview Questions in Canada |

General manager Interview Questions in Canada


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Tell me a time when... behavioural type questions

4 Answers

I like to hard work it's ok

I have 10 years work experience

So I hope acsept me thank you

What can I do to improve Restaurant profit within the 1st year of take over?

2 Answers

How will you grow the business?

1 Answer

What would you do when you cannot meet a deadline on time no matter how hard you work?

1 Answer

Do you know what a P&L statement is? How would you go about learning it if not.

1 Answer

Many things, for example, how do you handle difficult employees?

1 Answer

A lot of situational and role play questions.

1 Answer

Lots of behavioural based questions

1 Answer

what is your favourite color

1 Answer

How to handle issues among staff and guests.

1 Answer
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