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Engineer-In-Training (EIT) was asked...October 21, 2012

Can you tell me of a time you had to use a different method of communication with a coworker?

2 Answers

this tests the relationship aspect of cAR

This tests the 'Relationship' aspect of CAR.

Braun Intertec

Behavioral based questions for the phone interview. Mostly behavioral based questions, and usually one technical question for the Skype interview.

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Answer truthfully obviously, but make sure to showcase how your answers prove that you have the right skills for the specific job you are applying for. Less


What do you know about enbridge? What are the three core values of Enbridge?

1 Answers

Safety, Integrity and Respect

Puget Sound Energy

What interests you about this position in PSE? What special aspects of your work experience and education have prepared you for this position? In a big picture, what is important to you in a company? What things do you look for in our organization? strengths and weaknesses. Describe a difficult obstacle you had to overcome, how did you handle it and how did you learn from it. Please describe for us your decision making style. Describe the best team environment you participated in. What kind of job do you see yourself holding 5 to 10 years from now? Tell us the biggest or the most important presentation you have given. Describe the most significant success and the failure in the last a few years. Start with the success and when you talk about the failure, how did you learn from it? So what would you do if there is policy within your working group that you did not agree with?.

Capital Power

How you would handle a specific situation.

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